Would you love to thrive rather than survive; mentally, physically or emotionally?

Would you love to feel less sluggish and bloated and more energised?

Would you love to re-set your hormones and take control of your complete wellbeing with ease?

Would you love to understand more about the peri-menopause and menopause now?

Would you love someone to guide you through it, hold you accountable and help you create a strategy you can stick too?

Then I’m here to help you…

Imagine how it would feel to flourish with energy and passion and to thrive in life, to look and feel fabulous and live as your happiest, healthiest self. This 22 day Hormone Reset will set you on the right path and I’ll be with you every step of the way, guiding and nurturing you to change the way you think about yourself and your beautiful body.

? You CAN be the happy energetic woman you used to or have always wanted to be

? You CAN take control of your hormones

? You CAN sleep better, stress less and smile more


What to Expect:

? Short weekly lessons where I share simple lifestyle strategies for reducing stress, improving gut health and ultimately supporting your hormones. This content is uploaded to your dashboard each Tuesday morning, broken down into bitesize videos with downloadable pdfs that you can work through at a time convenient to you.

? Access to a library of short purposeful workouts that you can follow as and when suits you.

? 4 group calls* (held via zoom) with opportunity for Q&A, coaching & planning. (I will record calls and send the replay to you if you are unable to make it).