Here is the replay of our first Members Club Meet Up.


Following on from the call, the movement area has now been updated with a search bar for you to find workout by style.  The masterclass area will be updated in the same way shortly.

The mentioned discussion about environmental toxins that took place in the Facebook group and the links shared on that thread are below along with those that were mentioned during this zoom call. Please do add your own comments, recommendations and suggestions to this or anything else discussed.


Hey all – I’m trying to be really mindful of the products I use (staying away from nasty chemicals), and obviously I use Tropic for ALL of my skin/hair/body care etc.


What I’m doing now is going through all of my cleaning products etc and household items to see what is best for the environment as well as not toxic to me. I just thought we might share any suggestions we have on here?


I’ve been trying the Method range of cleaning products – starting with the bathroom cleaner and washing up liquid. They smell really good and they seem to be doing a great job.


I’ve also replaced all of my plastic boxes with ones from Sistema as they’re BPA and phthalate free.


Any suggestions from you guys?


What have you been using?

Anne Skinner Hi Nicki, not sure I have any top tips as I seem to be on the same route as you. I also use Tropic for my skin care etc. I use method for cleaning and recover washing up liquid. I have beeswax wraps to replace cling film in the fridge ( they are fab but do have a limited life) and silicone lids to cover bowls, yoghurt pots etc. I haven’t yet found a toilet cleaner that I am happy with though. X

Fiona Styles I also use method cleaning things and they smell amazing! Like you Anne I’ve been trying to do my bit with wax wraps (my sister actually makes these for me, so I’m quite lucky!) And reducing single use plastic etc. I do share your concern Nicki, in that I would like to step away from chemicals wherever possible….but still have a clean and germ free (germ reduced!) house x

Kay Underdown My friend has always liked Wikaniko eco friendly products, I haven’t used them myself.


  1. Deleted User

    My very eloquent description of Enjo obviously translated to the fact it is a “chemical-free cleaning regime that is scientifically proven to be more hygienic than traditional methods. Using only cold water, the advanced ENJO fibres deliver an outstanding clean and last up to 3 years, helping you to reduce plastic waste and chemical residues in our waterways”. You can find more on the website ??

  2. Anne

    Thank you for setting this up for us. It was lovely to put faces to names. Thanks for the links too, I hadn’t got around to looking them all up and now I can just click on the link. Simple! ? I’ m still searching for an effective eco friendly toilet cleaner. X


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